Thursday, December 31, 2009

Peace Out!

2009 was quite the year for me!
I brought in the 2009 year in Athens, Greece with downing an entire bottle of wine, a broken heel, sexy dress, good friends, and almost getting raped by my taxi driver -_-
I kinda wish I wasn't going to be in Jersey bringing in 2010, but I know it's going to be that considering I still have no plans set as of yet!
My ideal would have been to be in Vermont or upstate NY on a mountain with a bunch of friends, getting rowdy, then hitting the slopes the next day :) but no :(
I'll take what I can get, make the best of my situation, and go hard!

2010, year spaceship-year of the tiger, is going to have so much to offer!
I'm looking forward

I've already started my new year's resolution and I feel better for it

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