Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chow Down

OK last night I went out to eat with Corey for a late lunch early dinner around Clifton, NJ at this new culinary joint called, Avenue Bistro, located at 755 Van Houten Ave.
I was so impressed by the ambiance of this place, the service and characters, quality of the food, the paintings and music, it was all just a positive experience!
I ordered a turkey melt panini that the owner, Pat, specialized for me making the turkey cajun and instead of the russian dressing on it, making some mayonnaise sauce that was BANGIN!
A fresh salad with a pear like vinegarette was served on the side, and when I was finished, I ordered myself a delicious piece of carrot cake as my happy ending!
I refused to send my plate back with any crumbs or bits, so overall, everything was excellent and I will be frequent there!! :)

I recommend!!!!!!

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