Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beat Insomnia!

It's 430 AM and I just can't go to bed!
Besides me getting home not too long ago from a late night minor riding session over here at reinhymer park, my working schedule has been nutty so my sleeping pattern is all fucked up!
I had work yesterday morning at 5 am-230p, followed by a great nap!
My manager's always late, so it was me and vaGINA killing time at 5A until, Jesse-co manager, arrived. I sat on Santa's couch without Santa, where he takes pics with little children asking them if they've been naughty or nice, and wished I had a camera to take photos of myself with the tree in the background, the lights, and oversized ornaments! I started getting hungry not too long after this delay since all I had before getting to work was a tiny glass of orange juice and a banana, so I broke into the candy stand and took some red bull, M&Ms, chocolate pretzels, starbursts, and 6 feet tape roll gum!

I'm definitely on the naughty list!

I'm almost done with x-mas gifts! ::phew::
I like wrapping and making everything look presentable!
This Christmas Eve, I'm spending time with my Aunt Jenny, Uncle Joe, cousins David and Alex.
Definitely the closest of family to me ♥ My mom's side is great! My father's is nice, but everyone is so stern. I'll be spending a little time with everyone, followed by snowboarding! haha
Thursday and Friday are my only days off this week so I must try to fit riding in there somewhere! I've been doing a gnarly job with that since we got hit with this blizzard. I've been riding parks and streets :) I need another blizzard to hit, but this time, more severe!
I adore a winter wonderland! All I wanna do is ride!!!!!!!!

I need pictures of actually riding! fkjghfjkghlfdj
This was from tonight. K Dawg built a box and I built a mini jump!
too fun! :D

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