Thursday, May 21, 2009

BMX riding in Athens, GR

SHOUT OUT to BAF and Gutless!
Those are my dudes! BAF's the best known riding "crew" in Greece besides "Dark Riders" which some of the BAF members ride for. I've known these malakas for so long! Since 13! Skateboarding, snowboarding, and bmx riding are very big in Greece and there are just so many spots to shred!
My friend, Dimitris Katranidis, is a film editor, for Gutlessbmx. He put together Gutless for the Greek BMX scene, which I must add, is quite a winner! ::dingding:: He bikes himself, hosts events, films events, and knows how to party! He's a talented man let me just say. They travel all over Europe to ride and capture as much footage of their journey they can. Now these videos below you might not understand when they speak, but they're hilariously awesome and body language says all.
CHECK OUT my homies :)

Euro Tour 06 from Gutlessbmx on Vimeo.

Euro Tour 07 from Gutlessbmx on Vimeo.

Seize the day tour from Gutlessbmx on Vimeo.

Baf premiere Video from Gutlessbmx on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Words of Wisdom

So back in August of 2008, I won (2) tickets on Hot97 for Kanye West's "Glow in the Dark Tour" at MSG. It was Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, and the man himself, Mr.West. It was an incredible concert. I brought my girl, Kayt, with me to share this awesome event with, someone who appreciates the music as much as me. We managed to drink a few cups of brews and light up a joint inside the venue. Couldn't have been more into it! At the end of the show, these books were handed to us....

Kanye collabed with J. Sakiya Sandifer to debut his creative, visually appealing, and strong philosophies of literature called "Thank You and You're Welcome." I live my life by the contexts of what's written in this book. It's a terrific read and it make's me keep pushing myself harder in life. It's simple and to the point. To those of you who've never had the chance to hold this book in your hand, here's a spoil, ENJOY!

Kanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - CoverKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Dedication by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 1 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 3 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 5 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 7 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 9 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 11 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 13 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 15 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 17 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 19 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 21 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - 23 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 25 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 27 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 29 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 31 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 33 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 35 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 37 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 39 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - 41 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 43 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 45 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 47 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 49 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Page 51 by Jeremy WattKanye West - Thank You and You're Welcome - Back Cover by Jeremy Watt

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2009 is MINE! :)

Since the very end of 2008, heading towards 2009, I read about and stumbled upon this website of horoscope hypothesis by Susan Miller. I never really took astrology readings seriously until I read her summaries about how my months have been going and how they'll be going later on. It's absolutely crazy and scary at the same time how accurate everything I read is. She knows me all so well! I'm seriously heading for the road to success and achieving my dreams at a strong pace, that's all I got to say. Every month I'll be posting my juncture and I know, it'll just get better and better :) March 13th baby! 3/13, ya know, 3 is mah numba


Pisces Horoscope for May 2009

By Susan Miller

May has the potential to be an extraordinary month for you, dear Pisces. Neptune, planet of inspiration, is now orbiting very close to Jupiter for the first time since January 1997. Neptune is your modern day ruling planet whose job it is to take very good care of you. You can thank Neptune for being born with your extraordinary imagination and almost unlimited creativity. In ancient days, prior to Neptune's discovery in 1845, Jupiter was your ruler. Astrologers today look to both planets to see what is coming up for you.

You always do exceedingly well in years when both your ruling planets are in harmony. This year, Jupiter and Neptune will go one better, as they are about to form the most powerful astrological aspect possible - the conjunction. A conjunction, or perfect alignment, signifies the start of a vital new cycle, one that will take you forward until 2022 (at which point a new cycle will begin when these two planets meet again).

If any influential people have underestimated your talents, they will now be sorry. You are about to become quite a force of nature, dear Pisces. Others will be forced to take you seriously.

Until this month, Jupiter and Neptune have been moving slowing toward one another through deep space. They have not been close enough to touch but now will, on May 27. You need not wait until month's end to see the lovely effects of this planetary combination, for by the start of May, these two will already be quite close - in fact, close enough to protect you and begin to add to your aura.

Most years when these two planets meet, they meet only once and then go their separate ways. But in 2009, they will meet three times in conjunction, on May 27, July 10, and December 21. This is sensational news because three meetings of two slow moving planets always suggest the possibility for a transformation.

Jupiter and Neptune will meet in your solar twelfth house, the very area of your chart that Pisces governs. In other words, the twelfth house is "home" for you and a house that feels very familiar. It is the repository of dreams, for the twelfth house reflects your subconscious and as such is the deep well you dip your pen into when you need to generate visionary designs and inspirations. Clearly, you are about to become a virtual idea factory!

With Jupiter so close to Neptune from now until the end of 2009, you will be quite fortunate, too - Jupiter will protect your interests on just about every level and see to it that you make money as well, because that's what Jupiter is known to do.

First, you can expect an up-tick in your health (the twelfth house rules hospitals, rehab, physical therapy, and all sorts of treatment, including psychological advice). I have already mentioned that your creativity and career status will climb and that your prospects for making money will start to glow as you get deeper into 2009. All your relationships should improve too, including your romantic one, and that is partly due to the meeting of Jupiter-Neptune and partly thanks to the turn of Saturn to direct speed on May 16, something we will discuss in a minute. If you want to change your looks by getting a new hairstyle or upgrading your style of dress, you can do that too, and enjoy quite a nice change in late June or July.

Be determined to stretch your abilities and take risks in your creative output. This year, there's no reason to play it too safe. At work, present proposals and ideas, and petition the help of top-level VIPs. If you are single, make a stronger effort to get out and meet new people now through the end of 2009. You are capable of more than you have ever done before, dear Pisces, so step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. If you are awaiting word back about an important business venture, you have luck on your side and will likely see evidence that things are getting better by June or July.

If you were born very early in Pisces, with a birth date falling, say, between February 19 and 23, this conjunction will fall very close to your Sun and shower you with even more blessings!

There are other things going on in your chart this month, so let's have a look at those now, too.

It will be important to note that Mercury will be retrograde all month, from May 7 to 30, although you will feel the slowdowns that Mercury is known to bring as soon as May opens. Mercury will retrograde in your house of home, property, and decisions related to family, and also in your third house of travel and written communications. These are the areas that may bring a few pesky problems. None will bring tragic results, but they will probably bring a few annoying episodes, so try to go with the flow.

Indeed, don't try to force things. When you discover you have to redo a document, repair an appliance, or re-examine an assumption, do so with a good spirit. Everyone will be in the same boat this month, as Mercury retrograde is an influence that happens three times a year for three-and-a-half weeks. It is one of the few aspects that affect everyone the same way. Things go haywire, people reverse their decisions, flaws show up in documents, and shipments arrive broken. We become forgetful, so we lose things - you get the picture.

This month would not be the time to accept a new job or begin a business. It would not be a good time to buy a car or a house, expensive jewelry, major appliance or a computer, flat screen TV, or new cell phone. Things purchased with Mercury retrograde prove to be troublesome later, and they don't deliver the long-range benefits that you assume they will bring. You would be wise to do research on the item or service you want, but to actually make your decision in June.

People in international settings will likely be on your mind at or near the full moon May 9, plus or minus four days. Or it may be that you will be finishing up a distant trip within your country - a good time to do so. If you do expect to take a trip, it's likely to be wildly successful at this full moon. You will wrap up something important.

Lately there has been a lot of emphasis on the media in your chart, with broadcasting and publishing ventures figuring prominently. If you are involved with these industries, you should see surprising, very special results at this time, plus or minus four days from May 9. This could turn out to be quite a memorable, happy time for you, dear Pisces.

Near this full moon, May 9, for example, you may conclude a screenplay or pilot, or be asked to appear on TV or the radio. You may be put final touches on a website or you may be talking through the details of a deal with a media company. If you have a clothing line, you may be publishing your new look book, and if you are an actor, you may redo the photographs of yourself that you give to casting agents. It's a great time to be upgrading your image with your adoring public.

Uranus in Pisces will be beaming beautiful energy to this full moon on May 9, so you should find that things go especially well in a thrilling way you'd never expect. Saturn will add warm greetings too, so the positive effects of this full moon should be long lasting. That's good news in anyone's book.

If your birthday falls on March 9, plus or minus four days, you will have double the benefits on this full moon. I am happy to deliver this news, because the time around your birthday may have been stressful lately-particularly if you were born on or near March 9 or 10. You are due for something good to happen, wouldn't you say?

Saturn has been retrograde since December 31, but as I mentioned briefly earlier, Saturn will turn direct on May 16 and will stay strong for the rest of 2009. If you've been frustrated with the lack of support you've been getting from friends, partners, and others in general, it may be due to Saturn's weak orbit. Watch to see if you can find any signals that things are changing to your favor.

Also, let's not forget that Saturn is the natural ruler of your house of hopes and wishes, so with Saturn making this decisive turn to more powerful speed, you may see a long-desired wish finally come through for you this month.

Financially, you've been spending more money over the past weeks, but even so, you seem to have the power to attract more income, too. I say this because Mars has been moving through your second house of income and possessions since April 22, always a sign that expenses are climbing or that you've been overcome with a yen to spend. Mars will leave this position by June 1, so things will be better next month.

Fortunately, with Venus in the same financial house, orbiting close to Mars, Venus will continue to work hard to help you find new sources of income. Of course, you have to help things along by showing your intent (that you do want to earn more money), but if you do, you should be rewarded.

As mentioned earlier, with Mercury retrograde, it is not a time buy anything expensive, so pedal back in May. If you can hold off any big outlays of cash, do so, for you will be glad you did.

One day that should be quite wonderful for a presentation or negotiation for financial matters will be May 26 when Mars and Jupiter will be so harmoniously angled. This day deserves two gold stars, so you may want to note it on your calendar.

Your home situation, which I had mentioned earlier as a possible source of confusion, delay, or frustration due to Mercury's retrograde orbit in your fourth house of home and family, will get a boost from the new moon, May 24.

In effect, this new moon could erase much of the frustration you may experience through most of May because you'll see a new climate emerge, one that will finally allow you to make some important decisions in June.

Knowing this, in May, you should continue to search for the perfect home or real estate answers. Don't be deterred, no matter how many obstacles show up. This new moon of May 24 will open a grand portal, one that will allow you to more easily find solid options. You will still have to wait until you get more deeply into June before you can act on the options you find, but at least the sky will brighten in a noticeable way.

If you need to move to a new apartment, keep looking at spaces, but don't sign a lease until you get to mid-June. Although Mercury goes direct on May 30, you need to have a space beyond that turn of Mercury before you announce any big decisions, commitments, or actions. Although Mercury acts like a little gremlin during its whole phase of being retrograde, it is on its worst behavior on the start and end dates of the retrograde, plus or minus five days. This is why you can't jump on actions on May 31 or June 1. Don't worry, however, for the new moon will bring you at least two weeks of extra strong energy to direct toward your home-related matters, and you may have more time beyond that. If you are afraid you will lose an opportunity if you wait to act, I say that you may THINK you have found the right answer, but a better one may be right around the next corner.

Mars is on the way to help you, from July 11 to August 25 so that will be your most critical, productive time to initiate your home and family-related decisions. You'll see amazing progress then. You may not want to be on vacation during this phase because it would be a shame to miss this lovely period, when so much can be accomplished. Hurry to finish things up by the end of August, however, for after August 25 your attention will be drawn elsewhere.

You can schedule home repairs in May while Mercury is retrograde, so if you have been putting of having your roof fixed, for example, you can do that, for sure. You can paint, refinish your table, reorganize closets, wash windows, and shampoo rugs. These are all wonderful things to do while Mercury is retrograde.

You can move house too as long as you signed your agreement last month. Just be sure to mark all the boxes. Give your tax records, jewelry, and other valuables to your family to hold until you get to your new space - you don't want to risk losing those. If you had bid on a house but lost the bid, you may be invited back to bid again. Going back to the past is actually quite lucky.

As you see, you have a full month coming up in May, dear Pisces. It seems every part of your life will be touched. Keep in mind all the while that Jupiter is protecting you from now until December. Let that give you confidence to

think big!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ape shall not kill Ape!

Yesterday was steez!
I took the path from Hoboken into NYC around 3pm to suprise my girl, Kayt, at her place.
I didn't feel like driving into the city. I do it all the time and this time I wanted to put my legs to work. I probably should have tho, it was so gloomy and drizzling the entire day. Anyways, during my walk I saw a crowd outside this place. I was curious so of course I checked it out. It made me chuckle and secretly excited inside ;)

Masturbation May!
Girls like to masturbate, don't let them tell you any different guys. If they deny it, they're lying to you and are insecure with themselves and their sexuality. Unless she has a man and they just so happen to fuck like bunnies, then I guess you wouldn't masturbate as much....
lol what a funny word, mast ur BATE!

So pumped it turned out Ms. Kayt didn't have work at all on the day I picked to suprise her! It was her day to loaf. She came out with me, as well as her bf, Anthony, on a little shoppin' spree. around Manhattan, well mainly Soho♥
We went to KRNY and bought several toys, MY FAVORITE, I had 10% off coupons, so they definitely came in handy. I met my ex boyfriend there, Kris, and one of his friends, who's a very nice guy, and they came around with us for a little. I hadn't seen Kris in years, it was nuts! I dated that kid for 3 1/2 years, maybe a little longer. sheesh.

We hit up Bape afterwards. The Bape store in Soho is mad nice, but it's crap compared to the one in China and Japan!
take a look!
DSC07726 by Kramchang.

BUSY WORK SHOP : Hong Kong, China by Ants  Colony!.
Hong Kong - Tokyo

Seeing stuff like this makes me warm and happy inside and unpatient for my boutique!
no no can't steer off, I'm very patient for the things I want.

After A Bathing Ape, we went to BBC Ice Cream :)
Anthony and Kris bought awesome shirts, but I bought the illest hoodie =]

I spoke to a few peeps there about my business and they gave me corporates #
Do I plan on bringing BBC Ice Cream to my fellow Grecians?
No one has a clue, but me!
So if you've never step foot into BBC IC, you need to delete yourself. I don't rock BBC, but I'm for sure an Ice Cream fanatic :)
When you first walk in, it's the Ice Cream store smelling of waffles and ice cream, their shoes in ice cream freezer displays with a sandwich sofa for your fatass to sit on. It's the fuckin' shit. Then you walk up a dark stair lit tunnel with stars above you to the BBC section, which might I add is the most badass!
check it!

$200 after, Anthony got a call from work, and had to run to the studio! Pewp, so Kayt, the 2 boys, and I continued our shoppin' in the big city. The boys had their skateboards and Kayt and I had our feet haha. It's all good!

We headed to Supreme, one of the first skate shops around NYC. They always have such great selections of shoes, hats, and of course, skateboards. I love their board wall. Supreme NYC!
Unfortunately I can't get an account with Supreme for my business. They're not about letting other shops carry their products, and usually when you do see other shops with Supreme products it's the shop purchasing merchandise full price from the Supreme store and uping the dollar a buttload to make some profit back. Hmmm, looks like I'm gonna have to do that :P

We were starving after that and craving some NY pizza, so Kayt knew about a great pizza spot with awesome artwork surrounding it! That's my girl!

oh she's such a cutiepie ♥

I love this dude, he's around the city with this stencil "life is beautiful"
I was mad excited when I saw it because I have that tattooed on my wrist :)
And plus it's pretty neat!

This is like Andy Warhol shiz

The pizza was bangin'! We all got margarita slices, except Kris, he's a jalapeno lover. It's brick oven pizza, very thin, don't over do the condiments such as sauce, oil, etc, and such friendly service. It was excellent!

After we ate a little we went more east of Manhatten to get to Reed Space! It was quite the walk so we just went to Kris's car and he drove Kayt and I there. I hadn't been to Reed in so long!
I missed that place! Everytime I go there, I ALWAYS find something I love. They have a nice selection of womans clothing, which is what I like to see! Kayt bought some Stussy and I got 10 Deep!

We called it a day after that. Kris had to head back to LI and I wanted to loaf on Kayt's couch with her chi chi, Murdoc, so he dropped us back off to Spring St, said our byes, and walked home.
When we got back to the apt we decided to stop by Chung King to see Anthony and maybe loaf there for a few. So we did that. Chung King is the best place to be for realz. There's nothing I love more than to be around music and people so inspired by music. If I went in that field, career wise, I'd be dope at it, guarentee, but I didn't, I was meant to become a business woman so for now i'll just sit back and enjoy the beats others produce! We then left el stude and went back to the apt to meet up with Ana Banana! She's quite the character lemme tell ya! A couple hours had gone by after we had those slices, so Kayt and I were craving soul food:D YUM YUM YUM!
Ana wanted pasta, gaaaay, so soul food won! :D
TEA CUP is where the soul food's at peephole!
You've never been there? Well, what are you waiting for? GO! It's located near Christopher St right on Grove St. Everytime I go there, I always get half n' half (ice tea- lemonade), eggs with cheese and homefries and then I smother it with ketchup mm mm mmmmmmmmm!!!
Then after your meal, you always top it off with banana pudding, but yesterday they ran out!
I almost cried :*/

When we got back to Kayts, Ana out of no where goes, "hey you guys wanna see The Roots tonight at the Highline Ballroom?" I couldn't have been any more excited! I screamed out FUCK YEAH! Ana's never even heard of them so she was like hmmm why so excited ehhh!!?
Kayt digs em' so we both wanted to go!! I love that venue, I saw Clipse Re-Up Gang there. It was sick, everyone was smoking mad blunts! haha who gives? The Roots show was $10 advance, but we didn't have tickets which was horrible because when we had gotten there, it was raining and those who didn't have tickets had to stand out in the rain, but I'm an asshole with a big mouth so I dragged the girls with me to the front of the line cutting everyone and standing next to those who were "guestlist" and weren't getting wet. HAHA! So finally they let those without tickets inside and it was $12 which is still a bargain for The Roots! ♥ We made our way all the way to the front, enjoied a few brewskis, and most definitely enjoied the show!
Several special guests were there jammin' like Heltah Skeltah/Sean P and Buckshot, HOLLA!

Honestly that day n' night couldn't have been any better! So many good times!

So after the show I had to leave. I took the path back to Hobo and I was stopped by this dude named Johnny who happens to work at SOBs. I fuckin' love that venue as well! Which is literally right next to Kayt's apt haha. I swear this world is mad small even tho it's truely huge. He was mad nice and gave me his business card to keep in touch.

It was about 3am and I had work at 6, so I thought. Yea that's right, I show up to work at 6am running on no sleep and no one's there. I'm so sick of Metroparks scheduling. My boss does NOT know how to schedule and if something changes he doesn't call or have the decensey to leave a voicemail if he does call and I don't answer. I can run that place better for real. I'm always there on time waiting for my boss and others to arrive.. really? That's unheard of. Turned out I didn't have to be there until 7, but I was hold the day previous 6am? That place is lacking communication and that's key motherfuckers.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Expand Your Mind

I miss everything about Greece aka Ellas or Ellada :)

- The sunrise over Rafina and sunset near the mountain of Papagou.
When I was home, I would always go outside on our 3rd floor balcony and just lay on our swing and watch the sun slowly set and gaze at the magnificent colors of the sky as they slowly turn to black. It was so beautiful. I'd have the wildest thoughts running through my head.
The scenery would make my eyes go shaky.

- I miss driving around Greece sober and drunk, of course I know my limits. It's crazier than NYC, so if you can drive in the cities of Greece and not get into an accident, you're a pro-operator, which is why I say, I'm ill behind the wheel :P If I wasn't driving, I was using the metro. They're so nice and clean! I would always have the biggest smile on my face whenever being on the metro. I always stood out. My clothes compared to everyone else is like "who's this girl!?" I never knew where to look because the metro was always packed with people. So I would stare at others and listen to my music obnoxiously loud. :) WHAT!? I was always being stared at, so let me do it back!

- The nightlife is awesome! Everyone's out doing their own thing. Either you're really dressed up or still in your clothes from earlier in the day.
Many partying at a club/bar with live DJs spinning hip-hop, dance, rock or just chillin' at a blatia with friends.
Gazi is the biggest most popular nightlife area! Like unbelievable!
I miss Syntagma Square. That's where recently a lot of the riots went down, but besides that, that's where many skate and just hangout.
It's in front of the Parliament building. In the day time, there are many people walking around and there's several events going on.
Another area next to Syntagma is Monastiraki, where you can see the Acropolis and you have all these little stores and markets. There are many tourists in these areas. I love the narrow streets and seeing how everyone parks up on the curb. I miss seeing peripteros in almost every corner.
Peripteros sell drinks from water, amita, fanta, and beer to candy, chips, newspapers and magazines.
I miss seeing the terrible graffiti and the really awesome artwork in the most random places of the city. I witnessed these kids mark their spot. I was drinking a beer in the street and was "lookout" for the astynomia aka police!
MNG = Mango crew

in the right corner of this picture above, that's a periptero.

- I miss traveling outside the big city to more open spaced areas and less populated cities. I loved to listen to my music on shuffle on my itouch really loud and just look outside the window and take in everything around me. The mountains are dazzling and so gigantic!
The Greek "territory" comprises 6,000 islands and islets scattered throughtout the Aegean and Ionian Sea, a truly unique phenomenon on the European continent; of these islands only 227 are inhabited! Holy!
I've visited many islands in my time, but there's still so much more for me to explore.
Santorini! What can I say about Santorini besides simply breathtaking! I stayed in this gorgeous
Villa with a pool and everything. It had it all. Of course my favorite time is sunset time! Can I just tell you, this is EXACTLY what I saw with the blue and white buildings and this sunset over the historic volcano. Life, I love you ♥