Thursday, December 31, 2009

Peace Out!

2009 was quite the year for me!
I brought in the 2009 year in Athens, Greece with downing an entire bottle of wine, a broken heel, sexy dress, good friends, and almost getting raped by my taxi driver -_-
I kinda wish I wasn't going to be in Jersey bringing in 2010, but I know it's going to be that considering I still have no plans set as of yet!
My ideal would have been to be in Vermont or upstate NY on a mountain with a bunch of friends, getting rowdy, then hitting the slopes the next day :) but no :(
I'll take what I can get, make the best of my situation, and go hard!

2010, year spaceship-year of the tiger, is going to have so much to offer!
I'm looking forward

I've already started my new year's resolution and I feel better for it

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Girls Won't Dance to the Beat of the Track
uuugh these would look so GooD on M3!

I bought new toys for my collection of Kidrobot :)

haha they rule!
Now I need Krunk-a-Claus!

It's been a little while since I've stepped foot into KRNY.
I think after I get tattooed in a few weeks, I'm gonna head over there and drop some funds on toys and clothes :D
That would be the BEST agenda!
The Kidrobot shop is like my fucking dream come true!
I'm such a little girl when I'm in that store, there's no stopping me!

I've got 2 new favorite songs out right now I can't stop listening to:
Lil' Wayne ft. Gotti - Women Lie, Men Lie
Lady Gaga- Dance in the Dark
Both so fuckin' awesome~

I'm a loser ♥

Yesterday I finally got to hangout with Corey!
He's been dodging me, so it was nice getting some time with him :P
He was having a little get together at his house so we all hungout drinking, chatting, listening to tunes, skating his mini, adventures to McDs.. those fucks, jokes, 5am, cuddle, bed, wake up at 650am, home, bed, work!

I have a crush:)

So glad to have New Years Eve and Day off!
I can see the craziness!
Definitely going snowboarding too!

2009 < 2010

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time Does Not Exist!

I can't believe 2009 is basically over with. wtf!
I'm excited for 2010. New year, new journey into life, GREECE!
I need to think of a resolution and stick by it.
I think it's going to be "letting my guard down" ...yeah, I like that :)
I don't want to be in Jersey bringing in the new year!
I'd love to be up in Vermont on a mountain getting silly with a bunch of friends.
That's most likely not going to happen because I'm a busy bee with work.
I need to find out for sure.

Last night after work, I did another minor late night riding at Reinhymer with Paul, Ryan, and Harry hitting a decent jump!
We drank a few beers and got some air :D
I think tomorrow morning I'm going to Mtn Creek.
I'm not 100% sure yet, but hopefully! (goodtimez)

Christmas Eve is tomorrow then fuckin' Christmas Day!
I bought presents this year for everyone.
It's my first year of actually giving!
I'm probably gonna get money and gift cards.
I'm a terrible person to try to shop for unless you know me well and what I like!

I've made my wishlist and I cannot wait!


2. Crooks & Castles cardigan!
Crooks and Castles-The Medusa Cardigan in Heather Gray
Crooks and Castles-The Medusa Cardigan in Heather Gray

3. Hellz Bellz x Miss Wax limited edition 2 finger ring!
Hellz Bellz-The Hellz x Misswax Brawlin' Ring

4. La Mer watch - customized

5. Sneaker heels
Ash Pure Laces Shoe

Merry Christmas everyone! xoxo
Xronia Polla se olous :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beat Insomnia!

It's 430 AM and I just can't go to bed!
Besides me getting home not too long ago from a late night minor riding session over here at reinhymer park, my working schedule has been nutty so my sleeping pattern is all fucked up!
I had work yesterday morning at 5 am-230p, followed by a great nap!
My manager's always late, so it was me and vaGINA killing time at 5A until, Jesse-co manager, arrived. I sat on Santa's couch without Santa, where he takes pics with little children asking them if they've been naughty or nice, and wished I had a camera to take photos of myself with the tree in the background, the lights, and oversized ornaments! I started getting hungry not too long after this delay since all I had before getting to work was a tiny glass of orange juice and a banana, so I broke into the candy stand and took some red bull, M&Ms, chocolate pretzels, starbursts, and 6 feet tape roll gum!

I'm definitely on the naughty list!

I'm almost done with x-mas gifts! ::phew::
I like wrapping and making everything look presentable!
This Christmas Eve, I'm spending time with my Aunt Jenny, Uncle Joe, cousins David and Alex.
Definitely the closest of family to me ♥ My mom's side is great! My father's is nice, but everyone is so stern. I'll be spending a little time with everyone, followed by snowboarding! haha
Thursday and Friday are my only days off this week so I must try to fit riding in there somewhere! I've been doing a gnarly job with that since we got hit with this blizzard. I've been riding parks and streets :) I need another blizzard to hit, but this time, more severe!
I adore a winter wonderland! All I wanna do is ride!!!!!!!!

I need pictures of actually riding! fkjghfjkghlfdj
This was from tonight. K Dawg built a box and I built a mini jump!
too fun! :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sunday night, I ran around doing last minute errands for my trip up to Hunter for 2 days with Kevin and Anthony, Kayt's bf. Anthony was up at Saratoga, NY staying at his parents house, so he offered us to crash the night so we can all leave together in the A.M., so it was me and Kevin on the road at 12 30am heading north!
It was a nice ride up with my dude! I was just so pumped for our adventure! ! !
Hours later, we arrive at Ant's only to be amazed by this beautiful home that was decorated so splendrous, quite impressive! We hung out for a little forcing ourselves awake, not sure why besides toking bowls and fixing together my snowboard and bindings, which I must add is so b a d a s s! Untouchable! I slept in a lovely room with its own neat bathroom and a big bed, I felt like I died and went somewhere peaceful! I woke up that morning to Anthony's mom shouting, "Is anyone going to wake up!?" I'm certain I was in a deep sleep so I'm not sure how I possibly heard her. For a second I didn't know what was happening or where I was. Hilarious, but I did jump out of bed soon after having to wake up and bang on doors to get the other gender up! We wanted to get up early, but didn't end up leaving the house until 10, thanks to me not having my phone for my alarm because I left it downstairs in my purse near the door lol. Mama Ant made pancakes for us in the A.M., but I had Raisin Bran, juice, and coffee instead :)
I was definitely ready for the day ahead! Great hospitality and parents, kudos Anthony!

So we get to Hunter, woo! It was a beautiful day, conditions, slopes, everything was looking sharp! Kev got us passes for the 2 days of riding thanks to K2/Ride and everyone who works within the company(s). It was my first day out for the season back in ride mode on a brand new set up so I couldn't find my comfort ASAP. I kept switching my bindings and riding until I had control of my board. The day was fun, nothing but good times and vibes! The mountain closed at 4, so by that time, we were out on the road heading toward the nearest quick-e-mart for some beer and to find our motel that was also hooked up, ALL TOO GOOD!

We get to our room which was right in the rear of Philthy-Os, where we went to chill for some hot minutes, story telling and bowling. Our room was mad cute, nothing special, but a warm place to sleep, shower, puke, shit, pee, wild out, and get dressed in haha
For dinner that night we did Mexican take-out. I ordered a quesadilla with chicken, cheese and all that jazz, but ended up looking like one giant soggy taco that I ate with my hands because we were given no utensils! Mess! We then started pounding on our 24oz of budweiser before heading off to the bar for the Ride Party. Sesimillia and alcohol deep in, we head to the bar and when we get there we order drinks, but the chicks ask for ID. I was pissed because I had left my ID back at the motel which wasn't far at all from this place, but still it was cold and I was blitzed. The boys get their drinks and we walk around the other side of the bar and Ant tries ordering a drink and I have my back turned trying to act suave as if nothing happened. The one girl goes, "You were just served" and Ant just grabs the drink and we sit in a booth off to the side. The guy who owns the bar comes up to me and is like, "Listen do you have ID, like you need that to drink blah blah" I told him my story and he still made me go get my ID and took away my brew, but it's all good because it was free budweiser until the keg(s) ran dry! I came back with my ID and he apoligizes and gets me another, YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! I assumed my night was gonna go to crap when that happened, but it only got better! I was so wasted, I couldn't remember anything in the morning. I hadn't been like that in a while! I'm a lightweight, I don't need much! It was just a shindig night! MmmM SOPHISTICATED MAMA!

  • beer, weed, shots, cigarette chain smoking, dancing, singing, touching the pole, meeting new people, playing games like shooting animals and finding whats wrong with the naked photos, stickers, snowboard keychain, puking, passing out ????? I honestly am not certain. I was apparently carried all the way back from the bar to our motel and started yaking haha. It's scary not remembering...
I woke up that same morning very early trying to get everyone else up so we could go out riding early, but we once again didn't get up until like 9 30am and on the mountain until 11ish. We stopped at a local bagel shop and I got an infamous taylor ham, egg, cheese, s/p, ketchup on an everything bagel with orange juice and coffee! CHARGED! Day 2 was definitely my best day of riding! The weather wasn't all that great, but the snow and everything was soft and a nice ride! :)
It was so sad leaving at the end :( Hopefully many more trips to come!

My body's so achey I can't sit here and type anymore. It's always better being somewhere in the moments then thinking back and trying to write them out. I wish a camera was brought! I NEED ONE!

Friday, December 11, 2009

home sweet ....

lol@ reading my last post.
my sickness was not funny, but my write up is!
I was all sort of FUCKED up!
I don't think words could explain

Yesterday I did a floorset at Metropark from 930p-630a, only for it to get messed up regardless already!
I went back at 4p-8 to model for our V.I.P CD release party handing out sparkling cider and free CDs with 15% off coupons inside.
They decked me in a black floral lace mini dress with bling :D
It was a lot of fun!
tho I'm really not feeling our DJ.
We had this other hip dude who was awesome at mixing on the weekends!
He needs to come back often and I need to find out the name he spins under, I'm a fan!

My brother's birthday was yesterday:) He's getting so old! :P
He's moving to Greece on the 16th and my yaya is home too from Clearwater, Fl going with him for the holiday :( I'm really sad... ugggh
I will spend lots of time with them before flight </3
I juuust wiiish it were me too


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Food Poisoning

Yesterday at work was fucking almost deadly.
I was my normal happy self until I went on my 1/2 hour break.
I never usually eat at the food court, but I did and I don't know what made me get Nathans, but I did.
I ordered fries with cheese and bacon to go and brought it back to MP to eat in the back.
After I had eaten that, I started getting these abdominal cramps, hot and cold sensations, basically I couldn't function, and it was very scary. It happened about 30 minutes after I had eat and I was on the floor doing my thing, still working, but I knew I shouldn't be. I straight up was vomiting non stop and had diarrhea, it was terrible, but I couldn't go home because everyone sucks and I was scheduled to close. After we close, I'm walking with Miguel to the bank, we did it as quickly as possible then I stopped at some benches and I said, "bye Miguel." I sat there laying down, I just couldn't move anymore and a security member asked if I was OK. I said no and that I know for sure I have food poisoning, he said it usually occurs 24 hours after eating the contaminated food and I said, yeah, usually, but I know my body better than anyone else and I know I have food poisoning. He asked if I needed an ambulance and I said no that I'd ride this out. I told him I had to go to the bathroom so I can puke more. More security came to the bathroom and helped me out by taking me outisde for fresh air, that felt so good on my skin. I said I was OK to drive, so they watched me get into my car and I started driving away and half way home I had to pull over so I could puke. Basically I was puking alllllllll night. Even when I got home, I was puking everywhere. Today, I still don't feel good. I feel mad skinny from puking so much and I have minor cramping. This was a scary experience and I will NEVER eat at the food court again. :(

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chow Down

OK last night I went out to eat with Corey for a late lunch early dinner around Clifton, NJ at this new culinary joint called, Avenue Bistro, located at 755 Van Houten Ave.
I was so impressed by the ambiance of this place, the service and characters, quality of the food, the paintings and music, it was all just a positive experience!
I ordered a turkey melt panini that the owner, Pat, specialized for me making the turkey cajun and instead of the russian dressing on it, making some mayonnaise sauce that was BANGIN!
A fresh salad with a pear like vinegarette was served on the side, and when I was finished, I ordered myself a delicious piece of carrot cake as my happy ending!
I refused to send my plate back with any crumbs or bits, so overall, everything was excellent and I will be frequent there!! :)

I recommend!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


I made my family disappear!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WoW to Me

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner!
This time last year I was in Greece :)
Wish I still was :(
I was supposed to be going to Athina gia ta Xristougenna, but I can't due to work...
very bummed ...
It's been tearing me up inside this past week, but I have to realize I'm doing what I have to do in order to be where I want to be.
"Life is a do-it-yourself project."