Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sunday night, I ran around doing last minute errands for my trip up to Hunter for 2 days with Kevin and Anthony, Kayt's bf. Anthony was up at Saratoga, NY staying at his parents house, so he offered us to crash the night so we can all leave together in the A.M., so it was me and Kevin on the road at 12 30am heading north!
It was a nice ride up with my dude! I was just so pumped for our adventure! ! !
Hours later, we arrive at Ant's only to be amazed by this beautiful home that was decorated so splendrous, quite impressive! We hung out for a little forcing ourselves awake, not sure why besides toking bowls and fixing together my snowboard and bindings, which I must add is so b a d a s s! Untouchable! I slept in a lovely room with its own neat bathroom and a big bed, I felt like I died and went somewhere peaceful! I woke up that morning to Anthony's mom shouting, "Is anyone going to wake up!?" I'm certain I was in a deep sleep so I'm not sure how I possibly heard her. For a second I didn't know what was happening or where I was. Hilarious, but I did jump out of bed soon after having to wake up and bang on doors to get the other gender up! We wanted to get up early, but didn't end up leaving the house until 10, thanks to me not having my phone for my alarm because I left it downstairs in my purse near the door lol. Mama Ant made pancakes for us in the A.M., but I had Raisin Bran, juice, and coffee instead :)
I was definitely ready for the day ahead! Great hospitality and parents, kudos Anthony!

So we get to Hunter, woo! It was a beautiful day, conditions, slopes, everything was looking sharp! Kev got us passes for the 2 days of riding thanks to K2/Ride and everyone who works within the company(s). It was my first day out for the season back in ride mode on a brand new set up so I couldn't find my comfort ASAP. I kept switching my bindings and riding until I had control of my board. The day was fun, nothing but good times and vibes! The mountain closed at 4, so by that time, we were out on the road heading toward the nearest quick-e-mart for some beer and to find our motel that was also hooked up, ALL TOO GOOD!

We get to our room which was right in the rear of Philthy-Os, where we went to chill for some hot minutes, story telling and bowling. Our room was mad cute, nothing special, but a warm place to sleep, shower, puke, shit, pee, wild out, and get dressed in haha
For dinner that night we did Mexican take-out. I ordered a quesadilla with chicken, cheese and all that jazz, but ended up looking like one giant soggy taco that I ate with my hands because we were given no utensils! Mess! We then started pounding on our 24oz of budweiser before heading off to the bar for the Ride Party. Sesimillia and alcohol deep in, we head to the bar and when we get there we order drinks, but the chicks ask for ID. I was pissed because I had left my ID back at the motel which wasn't far at all from this place, but still it was cold and I was blitzed. The boys get their drinks and we walk around the other side of the bar and Ant tries ordering a drink and I have my back turned trying to act suave as if nothing happened. The one girl goes, "You were just served" and Ant just grabs the drink and we sit in a booth off to the side. The guy who owns the bar comes up to me and is like, "Listen do you have ID, like you need that to drink blah blah" I told him my story and he still made me go get my ID and took away my brew, but it's all good because it was free budweiser until the keg(s) ran dry! I came back with my ID and he apoligizes and gets me another, YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! I assumed my night was gonna go to crap when that happened, but it only got better! I was so wasted, I couldn't remember anything in the morning. I hadn't been like that in a while! I'm a lightweight, I don't need much! It was just a shindig night! MmmM SOPHISTICATED MAMA!

  • beer, weed, shots, cigarette chain smoking, dancing, singing, touching the pole, meeting new people, playing games like shooting animals and finding whats wrong with the naked photos, stickers, snowboard keychain, puking, passing out ????? I honestly am not certain. I was apparently carried all the way back from the bar to our motel and started yaking haha. It's scary not remembering...
I woke up that same morning very early trying to get everyone else up so we could go out riding early, but we once again didn't get up until like 9 30am and on the mountain until 11ish. We stopped at a local bagel shop and I got an infamous taylor ham, egg, cheese, s/p, ketchup on an everything bagel with orange juice and coffee! CHARGED! Day 2 was definitely my best day of riding! The weather wasn't all that great, but the snow and everything was soft and a nice ride! :)
It was so sad leaving at the end :( Hopefully many more trips to come!

My body's so achey I can't sit here and type anymore. It's always better being somewhere in the moments then thinking back and trying to write them out. I wish a camera was brought! I NEED ONE!

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