Friday, December 11, 2009

home sweet ....

lol@ reading my last post.
my sickness was not funny, but my write up is!
I was all sort of FUCKED up!
I don't think words could explain

Yesterday I did a floorset at Metropark from 930p-630a, only for it to get messed up regardless already!
I went back at 4p-8 to model for our V.I.P CD release party handing out sparkling cider and free CDs with 15% off coupons inside.
They decked me in a black floral lace mini dress with bling :D
It was a lot of fun!
tho I'm really not feeling our DJ.
We had this other hip dude who was awesome at mixing on the weekends!
He needs to come back often and I need to find out the name he spins under, I'm a fan!

My brother's birthday was yesterday:) He's getting so old! :P
He's moving to Greece on the 16th and my yaya is home too from Clearwater, Fl going with him for the holiday :( I'm really sad... ugggh
I will spend lots of time with them before flight </3
I juuust wiiish it were me too


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