Thursday, September 17, 2009

Got Ink?

It's that time of the year where I start to get my tattoo game ooonnn!
I don't get work done in the summer, that's just horrible!
It's been about a year since my last appointment, I'm itching!
I have an entire floral theme in the mix, but it's not near it's end!
My artist is a great man and his work reflects that as well.
If you're interested, check out his page
Christopher DePinto aka the InkShrink @ Shotsies in NJ

And this is going to be my newest addition on my antecubital space, excitement!

This is other people's work that leaves me inspired

Party Time!

According to the Greek Orthodox tradition, nearly every day of the year is dedicated to a Christian saint or Martyr. When someone is named after one of those saints, that day becomes their "name day" and, traditionally, is celebrated.

So in conclusion,


Sophia (WISDOM)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There's nothing more awesome then bed and on top of bed, PILLOWS!
Imagine having your crib filled with cute and crazy looking pillows created by your favorite artists!? :D
AHHH! I want to be surrounded!
I have the Kid Robot Yummy Breakfast Donut series (below), which I must add are magnifico!
KR, make MORE plz!

Now these are ALL on my list!




Claw Pillow - photo

DSC_0307.jpg image by standardatl


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Read the Feed

A few days ago, I received my book in the mail I had ordered off Amazon called,
by Steven Vogel.
This man works on projects for Burton Snowboards and Berlin's infamous trade show,
Bread & Butter.
Streetwear is the insider's guide for street enthusiasts!
It's a collection of stories, interviews, design exploration, and highly creative artists who provoked a fresh appreciation of this worldwide style movement.
A lot of my personal favorite influential brands today are profiled in this book such as Alife, Burton, Commonwealth, Crooks & Castles, Dave's Quality Meat NYC, The Hundreds, Kid Robot, Married To The Mob, Nike, Obey, Staple - Reed Space NYC, Stussy, 10 Deep, Twelve Bar, ETC.....

Shit's my bible :)
There's nothing written about Hellz, DMPC, BBC IC, Claw$, Diamond Supply, Supreme (mentioned), Vans, Johnny Cupcakes, Converse, Kaws, Clientele, Mishka, Flight Club, Bape, Union NYC (RIP), but all of those are not forgotten and have a deep impact in the game!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whiskey Town Bar

Come out and enjoy a nice night in NYC at it's very own Rock n Roll feel East Village bar, Whiskey Town!
Good times, good vibes!
10p-4a ;)

29 E 3rd St
New York, NY 10003

Happy birthday to my lady, Kady... haha Katie <3

Friday, September 11, 2009

I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly, past the sky

I set high realistic expectations for myself.
i dream, i believe, i love, i achieve.
I'm the kind of girl who sets her mind on anything and goes for it ferociously 100% with nothing standing in my way.
I'm working hard in eventually becoming an entrepreneur in another country that I'm familiar with.
Family, friends, culture, language, lifestyle, it's nothing new, tho what I have to offer is.
My plan is to start a boutique in the city of Athens in the Hellenic Republic.
I've researched my competition and it came down to none, for the simple fact that all the brands/vendors I'll be working with are not known or exist there, in Greece, so it'll be my job to make a name, represent, advertise, and sell!
I'll be the only person in the entire country to have what I'll be merchandising from the US-GR. My shop will also fit in with all the other extreme sport, fashion, music, art shops around, except mine will have a unique twist from someone who was born and raised here in NJ, so close to NYC, and also experienced Greece at such a young age and being full Greek orthodox.
I've got style and vision non other there can portray.


I've got my business planned out so well, but of course the only hardship is the money to get down to it.
That's not much of a main problem considering I do well with managing my money and saving. When I came back from Greece at the very end of February 2009,
I'd set a deadline for me to hurry, make money, and be out of here.
That was selfish, unrealistic, and also a bit nerve racking considering I didn't get a job until the beginning of April.
Where I work at now is a retail store, Metropark, which is an unmatched mix of contemporary and street fashion apparel.
It's teaching me everything I need to know, giving me experience in meeting with each customer, engaging them with my personality, talking to them about our products, recommending and outfitting them, how to run a store, managing the stores income, the list goes on and on. I enjoy where I am right now. I can't rush where I want to be right now at this very second because that can just be a set up for failure. No more I'm leaving for Greece
this time. I can't be doing that. I must do what I have to do here and when It's truly time, the world will know, KoSMoS.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream are taking part in Fashion's Night Out. Pharrell will be working the register and hanging out at the flagship store in Soho NYC on September 10th. The event will be from 6PM until 11PM. Expect special BBC/Ice Cream releases as well as a few other surprises!


Boyfriend Season

I've done you wrong blog! My bad

All I do is work, which I'm not complaining, I like to work!
If I'm not working at my job, I'm doing research and self study from the latest info on street culture to international business and EU trading, marketing, etc.
Pshh who needs school!?
I've got my 5 subject notebook here all organized with information, strategic planning, so on and blah blah. I already took a 6 month course of business, while in school for massage therapy, but there's always more you can learn, in my case, EU business. I can always just go to a community college and take courses on international business, but that's no fun, and my money says so too! I like challenging myself at the convenience of my own home and privacy.
I'm writing this naked haha kidding.

I broke my camera!
I'm definitely bummed about that. I LOVE TAKING PICTURES!
I gotta see what I can do :/

The weather is getting so cold. I adore it!
I love being bundled up in my hoodie or jacket, scarves, gloves.. okay I'm getting ahead with the seasons!

my favorite season, besides Spring when everything starts to live again.
I love the cold breezes and the smell of crisp air, the trees leaves as they change color and start to fall to the ground covering its domain, the goosebumps that tidal wave over my body after getting out of bed or a hot shower, GETTING TATTOOED, sipping hot drinks like choco and pumpkin spice lattes, HALLOWEEN and free chocolates and candies, apple and pumpkin picking, cider donuts, Thanksgiving!
HAHA I love how in the end it all came down to food and munchies. I would do that.

I wanna find my male bestfriend/boyfriend.
I wanna hold hands, kiss, cuddle, sleep, eat, adventure, and play. yeaaa :}