Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Girls Won't Dance to the Beat of the Track

uuugh these would look so GooD on M3!

I bought new toys for my collection of Kidrobot :)

haha they rule!
Now I need Krunk-a-Claus!

It's been a little while since I've stepped foot into KRNY.
I think after I get tattooed in a few weeks, I'm gonna head over there and drop some funds on toys and clothes :D
That would be the BEST agenda!
The Kidrobot shop is like my fucking dream come true!
I'm such a little girl when I'm in that store, there's no stopping me!

I've got 2 new favorite songs out right now I can't stop listening to:
Lil' Wayne ft. Gotti - Women Lie, Men Lie
Lady Gaga- Dance in the Dark
Both so fuckin' awesome~

I'm a loser ♥

Yesterday I finally got to hangout with Corey!
He's been dodging me, so it was nice getting some time with him :P
He was having a little get together at his house so we all hungout drinking, chatting, listening to tunes, skating his mini, adventures to McDs.. those fucks, jokes, 5am, cuddle, bed, wake up at 650am, home, bed, work!

I have a crush:)

So glad to have New Years Eve and Day off!
I can see the craziness!
Definitely going snowboarding too!

2009 < 2010

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