Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday / REEBOK x HellZ BellZ

Happy Black Friday!
People are still out and about spending, buying, and using that plastic!
Recession? Yes -- kinda, but shopping, especially for clothing, is a necessity.
Well shopping isn't, tho it is for meeeee!
I worked this morning at 4 am!
Not sure how I did it, but it was quite the experience and the outcome was me leaving with a big smile on my face, another full belly, thanks to penne vodka, cookies, brownies, italian baby subs, and soda, and because I sold the highest and that's the way I like it!

So today was also the drop of the Reebok x HellZ collectable sneaker collab.
I have the original pair of the Reebok shoe before they decided to team it up and I rock the shit out of them, but of course, with the empower of Hellz, this sneak is definitely more legit!
It's already sold out online in selective shops!
I'm not to quick to get my hands on these, but sometime soon, hopefully, I'll do some hardcore websurfing and own these bad girls!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fuckin' A!

Dear Claw Money,

I just bought your collaboration with K2 Snowboards a little over a week ago and it's taking forever to grasp, but that's besides the point. You know you have ladies out there inspired by you, so why are you slacking immensely on your brand? COME ON CLAW! Your fall 2009 apparel is terrible! Don't give up your umph! Your zip-up with the bear and its claw, your claw burger, your claw in general are classics. It really looks like you put absolutely no thought into your product this season and that kinda upsets me. Your shit's dope when you collaborate. There are definitely other females in the game killing it like my ultimate favorite, Hellz, and then there's MTTM and DMPC, but I need you, Ms. Claw, to keep going! Your team up with Nike (blazers) was so fuckin' sexy, I wish I never slept on those! I spent almost 2 hours before online TRYING to find these, but I know I'll never have em. All I can do is wish and hope ONE DAY, you'll make another release or re-stock!

Nike Wmns Blazer Hi Premium Claw Money

I'm obviously sweating the all black, ugh I can't take it! I would pay top dolla for these!
Not fair not faaaair... waaaahhh!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Female Sneaker Fiend

I was never really into sneakers up until my ex.
He was a true sneakerhead.
He had up to like 25 pairs of Nike SBs, no joke, until someone broke into his home and jacked all that shit, hahaha.
He had the Pusheads, De La Souls, Unkles, one of my faves, Heinekens, Send Helps, Melvins, Goodfellas, I mean the list goes ON.
I remember always watching him take care of his feet friends, cleaning his soles, no creases at the top of the shoe, how to lace them correctly, always having them in the box, keeping them stuffed.
It was totally overboard, but it truly did fascinate me.
Then I started getting a few pairs for myself and built from there, going to shoe trade events, waiting on line for a release, good times!

For a lady, I do know my sneakuhs.
There's definitely some passion there, and I love knowing there's not many chicks like me around my area who have a decent collection or even rock em the way I do :P
I love having clothing and soles that no one else has.
I know I can be just as feminine and sexy with a pair of sneakers on as in high heels.

So, without further ado, lol, these kicks have not been released yet, but when they are, you can expect me to have a pair :)
Married to the Mob x Lacoste, this is the defintion of a sexy sneaker for woman!
Thanks MOB!

married to the mob lacoste hironia sneaker preview Married to the Mob x Lacoste Hironia Sneaker Preview


Forget about the PURPLE lace!

married to the mob lacoste hironia sneakers 4 Married to the Mob x Lacoste Hironia Sneakers
married to the mob lacoste hironia sneakers 5 Married to the Mob x Lacoste Hironia Sneakers

Monday, November 16, 2009

I want my K2xClaw$ to come in the mail alreadyyyyyy!!!!!!
It's killing mee!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

You Can't Be Me, I'm a Rockstar

In about a month or so, MTV Diary will be updating us (me) on N.E.R.D!
You can expect me to be watching that by myself on my couch
eating an entire bag of popcorn, if not popcorn, most definitely ICE CREAM!
Pharrell Williams is my idol! Like perfection! End of story
I only wish! bow chicka wow wow
Here's a short clip of what the fellers have been up to.

MTV Diary of... N.E.R.D from Adrian Hylton on Vimeo.

P.S. ladies, keep ya fuckin panties on! What do you seriously think Skateboard P is gonna do with them? besides embarrass you and hand em back right at cha. GrOuPiEs!

P.P.S not gonna lie, I'd hit it, but if I could get it, I'd be more professional instead of acting like a fan

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Number "3" Has a Toll on Me

Happy Friday the 13th!
Tonight's the night I've been waiting for!
I have work until 10, but luckily the DE video premiere is right there in Wayne!
So it all works out well!

I swear, I always see the number 3.
Besides me being born on a Friday the 13th, I'm a March baby (3/13/1989)
In 1989, 8+1=9, so there's three 9's in a row, 3+3=9. ahah
I know it's arithmetic operation to create that favorite number of mine.
There really is no meaning to it... or is there? .........Who knows!?
It's just a mind game that we play on ourselves, but in a sense, I believe something!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Riding with Style

The season's almost here!
The season I wait so long for once it passes, the season I call mine!
There's a crime for all seasons, but winter is my murder!
Because along with a beautiful snowy wonderland in the towns with Christmas lights shinning through, are mountains covered deep in powder!
That's what I look forward too, SNOWBOARDING!
2010 is going to be a craaaazy riiiiiide, so why not make it crazier with a new set up, riiight?!
Well, that's what I did! I went all out basically! hahaha

K2 snowboards collabed with one of my few favorite idols, Miss Claw Money, on the women's line, called the Mix, released in winter 08/09. It's an all mountain board and an entire match get up, board, boots, bindings. It's my ride of choice! I can't wait! In a few weeks, it'll be all mine!!!

claw money k2 snowboards 3 Claw Money X K2 Snowboards
claw money k2 snowboards 4 Claw Money X K2 Snowboards

My friend, Ryan Smith, said it best, "This is soooo Sophia!"


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FRIDAY the 13th

This will be an epic night!!
2 more days, yeeeeaaaaa I'm excited! joo joo!

Also, I wanna congrats Bill, Nico, Matt, Ish, Sean, Cus, Dan, and whomever else on the beautiful new SHINDIG mansion, is what it is! let the good times roll, new beginnings niggas! KUDOS!