Monday, January 4, 2010


My friend, Olivia, gave me my first tarot card reading ever after the New Years. I was extremely nervous about my blind assortment picks from the deck, but it ended up being the most positive reading ever, I BELIEVE! My significator card was chosen by Liv, which I definitely agreed with, Queen of Pentacles. I don't remember all my cards I had for each position, due to me being high as hell, BUT my outcome I couldn't forget - 3 of Wands :)

Today at work, I was told there was a gun left in our back room yesterday night. A dumb fuckin' cop had left it there by accident. Accident me shooting your ass!! lol I hate nothing more then the 5-0.

On a more happier note, thanks to me being awesome at my job and being lead top seller, Metropark gave me a $100 gift card, CHYEAH! WORDLIFE!


There's nothing more I want right now then a camera!
I miss my camera and taking pictures of EVERYTHING!
I have to wait tho, I have other priorities.

I'm getting my game on oh so very soon!
It's so soon I just might pee my lacey cheeky panties :P
Inkshrink ♥ time

Going riding Wednesday after work, Thursday before work, and hopefully Friday since that's my day off.

love xo

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