Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodness is What You're Filling Your Soul With

Great day yesterday of shredding the gnar!

I had work 7a-10a marking down clothing and visually merchandising women's sales. Once 10 hit, it was all pure excitement and adrenalin from there! Kevin, Das Theo, Dino, and Matt Macaluso all picked me up from work and we had a beautiful day of riding up at Mountain Creek, minus when the sun started to fade. It got ice as burg! It was my first time up there for the season and I hadn't been there in years previous! It's really nothing like how it used to be. Great terrain, nice trails, slopes are pretty well groomed. Can't complain, it's a decent mountain for being 45 minutes away! Met up with Ryan Smith, Vinnie, Jess, and Harry as well and rode with them! Good timez! My first run on South, at the very end is this jump that has a hidden downward box that you wouldn't know was there unless you're familiar with the terrain, which I was not, SO I hit the jump, grind the box, and land, but I started going off to the left which is where this ditch was AND THANK GOODIE there was a huge log on the bottom, otherwise I think I would have fallen down far! Pretty sure I saw my life pass before me! hahah This guy came and helped, was laughing, and was like "Are you ok!?" I'm laughing hard, but also panicing at the same time and I'm like "Yeah, but can you unstrap me!?" So he comes down, helps out, and goes, "You got the autos?" (my bindings) haha it was a hilarious moment and kudos for his knowledge!

After long hours of riding, the dudes and I left, changed into clothes, and headed back inside the cafeteria where there has been a skate bowl for a while now. I chilled and watched them shred some more! I started to feel quite the hunger and didn't wanna buy food at MC because we were gonna go out to this 24 hour bagel spot on 23. I started eyeing people around me eating, and I was waiting to see if anyone would leave large leftovers behind so I could snatch that! haha no luck for me, but Das snatched someones cheeseburger! There were little kids with their school's ski club and they would throw out entire trays of chicken tenders and fries and I was like NOOOOO!!!!! haha

Blunts, a tall boy, and food later, I finally got home. Kait picked me up minutes after and we went to Jenny's. Ryan and Harry were there already hanging out so we all chillaxed watching one of my favorite movies of all time, Dead Alive! :D

I'm so upset I'm working Saturday morning!!! At Creek they're having a rail jam with graffiti artists and The Ruler aka Slick Rick is performing...... :( And it's not like I could take off considering I already took off Mon-Wed of next week so I could go to VT with Mr. Ryan Siegal! Last year's jam, I was in Greece for the season and I missed Jedi Mind Tricks! It's all good! More good timez ahead! Actually now thinking about it, since I'm working in the AM Saturday and I get off fairly early, I could still make my way up to Creek and party it up, YEAH! Sounds like a plan to me!


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