Sunday, April 19, 2009

super-charged life

Does it make me sound egotistic when those who ask, "how was Greece?" I go, "an amazing experience, I cannot wait to go back for good and conquer my endeavors!"
I've been told it does make me sound egoistical and that it seems like I don't want to be here, home, and that I've found something superior, that I could just up and leave everything and others, but how?
We all move on with life in some way, I'm just going with a change of lifestyle and environment that most don't get to have. And that's the truth. I think I'd be selfish of me to not do it. I'd feel like I gypped myself out, sure I love New Jersey, it'll always be home, lots of memories, friendships, and good times! Not coming back isn't even an option. I'm an American citizen, anyone who would just give up an American citizenship doesn't have their head screwed on tight, but at the same time I'm considered a Greek citizen and in my mind that sounds daring! Ever since 7 years young, I have been living 2 lives traveling back and forth from the USA and Greece by myself. I'm a different woman when I'm around my hellas civilization. It's the woman I want to be and grow into more. There's so much beauty and history that settles in that country, you'd have to be a FOOL to by pass an opportunity for any reason of being there whether it be a week, few months, or 3 years and that goes for any other country. It's good to expand and give life shots of risk and exploration. I know I'm going to have friends visit, and then they'll understand why I did it, but they'll never feel why I did it. I have two little brothers, Dionysios, 7 and Haralabos, 11 whom both live in Ellada. I must say for myself growing up without a sibling sucked! I had my older brother, Kosta, when I was a baby until 5, but not much you can remember there. I always wished I had someone to play with, fight with, and learn from. For my little brothers, I just want to be there along their side and watch them grow into great humanity. I want to teach them and be that awesome sister. As for my mother, we've got quite an interesting relationship, but in the end it's nothing but love. She's always been a successful business woman so I'll really learn my way up.
Now, streetwear lifestyle?
Most people in Greece have not a clue about it, so here, let me introduce it.... literally! :)
Greece is huge with skateboarding, bmx, snowboarding, graffiti/urban art, different genres of music/shows, etc. Which is why I believe what I have to share goes hand-in-hand with all! All the shops there are the basically the same, selling the same brand of products and presentation.... not what I have in store. Streetwear is truly facinating to me. It's created by the thoughts and emotions of the artist which are usually inspirations of street and music culture combined. If you're good at it, you stand out from the rest. So my shop isn't going to be like any other shop in Athens, GR ya see! I did all my research and not 1 shop has any brand I'll be carrying, Competition---none.
I really am proud of myself for already creating my own destiny at the age of 20.
If that sounds selfish fuck off? It's called, passion people! come on!
I'm mentally and physically healthy enough to adapt to new surroundings and accept my outcome in the business world whether it be a hit or not, thanks to the simplicity and beauty in life and nature.
I've come a long way and my journey's not near it's end.
Word on the Street
ya hear!

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