Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miss Behave

You aint lookin' fine, got swine?

hahaha.... ohh ok that's NOT funny.

So my mom calls me Monday, but I missed it, and boy does she leave me quite an amusing voice mail. It goes something like this, "Hi Sofakimou, it's your mom.. listen I want you to be serious with me and I want you to start thinking about coming back to Greece within this month. You know the swine flu is getting very serious and it's only going to get worse. I'm worried about you staying there and for your health, call me back, I love you very much, call me back!"

hahahahaha woman! I love my mom, but is she serious? OH YES!
As much as I would LOVE to go back to Greece right now, I couldn't!
I'm on a roll with work, my income, and building my business, if I were to leave for Greece right now, I'd fuck myself up. So I'm very much willing to put my health at stake to get what I want.
Sowwi mama ♥ , but nice try ;)

  • Other than that, I haven't smoked a cigarette in about 1 1/2 weeks. Same goes for marijuana.
I give myself several pats on the back for just stopping like that out of the blue and it hasn't been difficult for me in the least bit lemme tell ya, so I don't get where the "jitters" "sweats" "moodswings" come into effect. Is my will power just that gnarly? OH YES!

  • I'm seeing N.E.R.D and Motion City Soundtrack at Rutgersfest 2009, May 1st.
I've seen N.E.R.D a bunch of times, of course, Pharrell Williams is the man of talent and steez.
Can't wait to chill with the biters. :)
When they play "Everyone Nose" I'm gonna be seen running across cranium's ::thumbs up::

  • So there's this boy. I've known him for years. He used to like me back then, but I shut him down. Recently I've let my shield down and the glass shoe fits his foot. He's been cluttering my brain these past days and... I really think I like him.. a butt load. :D

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