Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Language of Flowers

Flowers are simply eye candy!
They just draw me in with their beauty and uniqueness.
There are so many types, colors, and sized flowers it's like, how can't you be amazed?
They even have meanings behind each kind!
That's why I started my sleeve with tattooed flowers, because they're simply elegant and exotic!
A couple days ago I was smelling a dandelion. They don't even smell like much, but I just couldn't stop admiring it. When I looked in a mirror I realized, "shit! I have pollen all over my nose!" Thank goodness the whole "allergy" thing doesn't affect me, so I enjoy spring even more! I used to watch my grandfather fix the garden, now I watch my father, and someday, my kids are going to watch me :) It makes me feel so invigorating seeing my dad plant flowers and grow vegetables in our patch. I must say, a great character of me is truly being able to feel such wonderful depths with certain things. Essence that is! I think I may also find all precious and cherishing about life to a great extent because I know it's also so easy to lose.

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