Thursday, November 12, 2009

Riding with Style

The season's almost here!
The season I wait so long for once it passes, the season I call mine!
There's a crime for all seasons, but winter is my murder!
Because along with a beautiful snowy wonderland in the towns with Christmas lights shinning through, are mountains covered deep in powder!
That's what I look forward too, SNOWBOARDING!
2010 is going to be a craaaazy riiiiiide, so why not make it crazier with a new set up, riiight?!
Well, that's what I did! I went all out basically! hahaha

K2 snowboards collabed with one of my few favorite idols, Miss Claw Money, on the women's line, called the Mix, released in winter 08/09. It's an all mountain board and an entire match get up, board, boots, bindings. It's my ride of choice! I can't wait! In a few weeks, it'll be all mine!!!

claw money k2 snowboards 3 Claw Money X K2 Snowboards
claw money k2 snowboards 4 Claw Money X K2 Snowboards

My friend, Ryan Smith, said it best, "This is soooo Sophia!"


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