Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday / REEBOK x HellZ BellZ

Happy Black Friday!
People are still out and about spending, buying, and using that plastic!
Recession? Yes -- kinda, but shopping, especially for clothing, is a necessity.
Well shopping isn't, tho it is for meeeee!
I worked this morning at 4 am!
Not sure how I did it, but it was quite the experience and the outcome was me leaving with a big smile on my face, another full belly, thanks to penne vodka, cookies, brownies, italian baby subs, and soda, and because I sold the highest and that's the way I like it!

So today was also the drop of the Reebok x HellZ collectable sneaker collab.
I have the original pair of the Reebok shoe before they decided to team it up and I rock the shit out of them, but of course, with the empower of Hellz, this sneak is definitely more legit!
It's already sold out online in selective shops!
I'm not to quick to get my hands on these, but sometime soon, hopefully, I'll do some hardcore websurfing and own these bad girls!