Friday, November 13, 2009

The Number "3" Has a Toll on Me

Happy Friday the 13th!
Tonight's the night I've been waiting for!
I have work until 10, but luckily the DE video premiere is right there in Wayne!
So it all works out well!

I swear, I always see the number 3.
Besides me being born on a Friday the 13th, I'm a March baby (3/13/1989)
In 1989, 8+1=9, so there's three 9's in a row, 3+3=9. ahah
I know it's arithmetic operation to create that favorite number of mine.
There really is no meaning to it... or is there? .........Who knows!?
It's just a mind game that we play on ourselves, but in a sense, I believe something!


  1. demons attack between 1 and 3, i learned that from you

  2. haha that's what i was told when evil lurks! and it's actually 12-3 :P