Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boyfriend Season

I've done you wrong blog! My bad

All I do is work, which I'm not complaining, I like to work!
If I'm not working at my job, I'm doing research and self study from the latest info on street culture to international business and EU trading, marketing, etc.
Pshh who needs school!?
I've got my 5 subject notebook here all organized with information, strategic planning, so on and blah blah. I already took a 6 month course of business, while in school for massage therapy, but there's always more you can learn, in my case, EU business. I can always just go to a community college and take courses on international business, but that's no fun, and my money says so too! I like challenging myself at the convenience of my own home and privacy.
I'm writing this naked haha kidding.

I broke my camera!
I'm definitely bummed about that. I LOVE TAKING PICTURES!
I gotta see what I can do :/

The weather is getting so cold. I adore it!
I love being bundled up in my hoodie or jacket, scarves, gloves.. okay I'm getting ahead with the seasons!

my favorite season, besides Spring when everything starts to live again.
I love the cold breezes and the smell of crisp air, the trees leaves as they change color and start to fall to the ground covering its domain, the goosebumps that tidal wave over my body after getting out of bed or a hot shower, GETTING TATTOOED, sipping hot drinks like choco and pumpkin spice lattes, HALLOWEEN and free chocolates and candies, apple and pumpkin picking, cider donuts, Thanksgiving!
HAHA I love how in the end it all came down to food and munchies. I would do that.

I wanna find my male bestfriend/boyfriend.
I wanna hold hands, kiss, cuddle, sleep, eat, adventure, and play. yeaaa :}

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