Saturday, May 2, 2009

Expand Your Mind

I miss everything about Greece aka Ellas or Ellada :)

- The sunrise over Rafina and sunset near the mountain of Papagou.
When I was home, I would always go outside on our 3rd floor balcony and just lay on our swing and watch the sun slowly set and gaze at the magnificent colors of the sky as they slowly turn to black. It was so beautiful. I'd have the wildest thoughts running through my head.
The scenery would make my eyes go shaky.

- I miss driving around Greece sober and drunk, of course I know my limits. It's crazier than NYC, so if you can drive in the cities of Greece and not get into an accident, you're a pro-operator, which is why I say, I'm ill behind the wheel :P If I wasn't driving, I was using the metro. They're so nice and clean! I would always have the biggest smile on my face whenever being on the metro. I always stood out. My clothes compared to everyone else is like "who's this girl!?" I never knew where to look because the metro was always packed with people. So I would stare at others and listen to my music obnoxiously loud. :) WHAT!? I was always being stared at, so let me do it back!

- The nightlife is awesome! Everyone's out doing their own thing. Either you're really dressed up or still in your clothes from earlier in the day.
Many partying at a club/bar with live DJs spinning hip-hop, dance, rock or just chillin' at a blatia with friends.
Gazi is the biggest most popular nightlife area! Like unbelievable!
I miss Syntagma Square. That's where recently a lot of the riots went down, but besides that, that's where many skate and just hangout.
It's in front of the Parliament building. In the day time, there are many people walking around and there's several events going on.
Another area next to Syntagma is Monastiraki, where you can see the Acropolis and you have all these little stores and markets. There are many tourists in these areas. I love the narrow streets and seeing how everyone parks up on the curb. I miss seeing peripteros in almost every corner.
Peripteros sell drinks from water, amita, fanta, and beer to candy, chips, newspapers and magazines.
I miss seeing the terrible graffiti and the really awesome artwork in the most random places of the city. I witnessed these kids mark their spot. I was drinking a beer in the street and was "lookout" for the astynomia aka police!
MNG = Mango crew

in the right corner of this picture above, that's a periptero.

- I miss traveling outside the big city to more open spaced areas and less populated cities. I loved to listen to my music on shuffle on my itouch really loud and just look outside the window and take in everything around me. The mountains are dazzling and so gigantic!
The Greek "territory" comprises 6,000 islands and islets scattered throughtout the Aegean and Ionian Sea, a truly unique phenomenon on the European continent; of these islands only 227 are inhabited! Holy!
I've visited many islands in my time, but there's still so much more for me to explore.
Santorini! What can I say about Santorini besides simply breathtaking! I stayed in this gorgeous
Villa with a pool and everything. It had it all. Of course my favorite time is sunset time! Can I just tell you, this is EXACTLY what I saw with the blue and white buildings and this sunset over the historic volcano. Life, I love you ♥

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