Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ape shall not kill Ape!

Yesterday was steez!
I took the path from Hoboken into NYC around 3pm to suprise my girl, Kayt, at her place.
I didn't feel like driving into the city. I do it all the time and this time I wanted to put my legs to work. I probably should have tho, it was so gloomy and drizzling the entire day. Anyways, during my walk I saw a crowd outside this place. I was curious so of course I checked it out. It made me chuckle and secretly excited inside ;)

Masturbation May!
Girls like to masturbate, don't let them tell you any different guys. If they deny it, they're lying to you and are insecure with themselves and their sexuality. Unless she has a man and they just so happen to fuck like bunnies, then I guess you wouldn't masturbate as much....
lol what a funny word, mast ur BATE!

So pumped it turned out Ms. Kayt didn't have work at all on the day I picked to suprise her! It was her day to loaf. She came out with me, as well as her bf, Anthony, on a little shoppin' spree. around Manhattan, well mainly Soho♥
We went to KRNY and bought several toys, MY FAVORITE, I had 10% off coupons, so they definitely came in handy. I met my ex boyfriend there, Kris, and one of his friends, who's a very nice guy, and they came around with us for a little. I hadn't seen Kris in years, it was nuts! I dated that kid for 3 1/2 years, maybe a little longer. sheesh.

We hit up Bape afterwards. The Bape store in Soho is mad nice, but it's crap compared to the one in China and Japan!
take a look!
DSC07726 by Kramchang.

BUSY WORK SHOP : Hong Kong, China by Ants  Colony!.
Hong Kong - Tokyo

Seeing stuff like this makes me warm and happy inside and unpatient for my boutique!
no no can't steer off, I'm very patient for the things I want.

After A Bathing Ape, we went to BBC Ice Cream :)
Anthony and Kris bought awesome shirts, but I bought the illest hoodie =]

I spoke to a few peeps there about my business and they gave me corporates #
Do I plan on bringing BBC Ice Cream to my fellow Grecians?
No one has a clue, but me!
So if you've never step foot into BBC IC, you need to delete yourself. I don't rock BBC, but I'm for sure an Ice Cream fanatic :)
When you first walk in, it's the Ice Cream store smelling of waffles and ice cream, their shoes in ice cream freezer displays with a sandwich sofa for your fatass to sit on. It's the fuckin' shit. Then you walk up a dark stair lit tunnel with stars above you to the BBC section, which might I add is the most badass!
check it!

$200 after, Anthony got a call from work, and had to run to the studio! Pewp, so Kayt, the 2 boys, and I continued our shoppin' in the big city. The boys had their skateboards and Kayt and I had our feet haha. It's all good!

We headed to Supreme, one of the first skate shops around NYC. They always have such great selections of shoes, hats, and of course, skateboards. I love their board wall. Supreme NYC!
Unfortunately I can't get an account with Supreme for my business. They're not about letting other shops carry their products, and usually when you do see other shops with Supreme products it's the shop purchasing merchandise full price from the Supreme store and uping the dollar a buttload to make some profit back. Hmmm, looks like I'm gonna have to do that :P

We were starving after that and craving some NY pizza, so Kayt knew about a great pizza spot with awesome artwork surrounding it! That's my girl!

oh she's such a cutiepie ♥

I love this dude, he's around the city with this stencil "life is beautiful"
I was mad excited when I saw it because I have that tattooed on my wrist :)
And plus it's pretty neat!

This is like Andy Warhol shiz

The pizza was bangin'! We all got margarita slices, except Kris, he's a jalapeno lover. It's brick oven pizza, very thin, don't over do the condiments such as sauce, oil, etc, and such friendly service. It was excellent!

After we ate a little we went more east of Manhatten to get to Reed Space! It was quite the walk so we just went to Kris's car and he drove Kayt and I there. I hadn't been to Reed in so long!
I missed that place! Everytime I go there, I ALWAYS find something I love. They have a nice selection of womans clothing, which is what I like to see! Kayt bought some Stussy and I got 10 Deep!

We called it a day after that. Kris had to head back to LI and I wanted to loaf on Kayt's couch with her chi chi, Murdoc, so he dropped us back off to Spring St, said our byes, and walked home.
When we got back to the apt we decided to stop by Chung King to see Anthony and maybe loaf there for a few. So we did that. Chung King is the best place to be for realz. There's nothing I love more than to be around music and people so inspired by music. If I went in that field, career wise, I'd be dope at it, guarentee, but I didn't, I was meant to become a business woman so for now i'll just sit back and enjoy the beats others produce! We then left el stude and went back to the apt to meet up with Ana Banana! She's quite the character lemme tell ya! A couple hours had gone by after we had those slices, so Kayt and I were craving soul food:D YUM YUM YUM!
Ana wanted pasta, gaaaay, so soul food won! :D
TEA CUP is where the soul food's at peephole!
You've never been there? Well, what are you waiting for? GO! It's located near Christopher St right on Grove St. Everytime I go there, I always get half n' half (ice tea- lemonade), eggs with cheese and homefries and then I smother it with ketchup mm mm mmmmmmmmm!!!
Then after your meal, you always top it off with banana pudding, but yesterday they ran out!
I almost cried :*/

When we got back to Kayts, Ana out of no where goes, "hey you guys wanna see The Roots tonight at the Highline Ballroom?" I couldn't have been any more excited! I screamed out FUCK YEAH! Ana's never even heard of them so she was like hmmm why so excited ehhh!!?
Kayt digs em' so we both wanted to go!! I love that venue, I saw Clipse Re-Up Gang there. It was sick, everyone was smoking mad blunts! haha who gives? The Roots show was $10 advance, but we didn't have tickets which was horrible because when we had gotten there, it was raining and those who didn't have tickets had to stand out in the rain, but I'm an asshole with a big mouth so I dragged the girls with me to the front of the line cutting everyone and standing next to those who were "guestlist" and weren't getting wet. HAHA! So finally they let those without tickets inside and it was $12 which is still a bargain for The Roots! ♥ We made our way all the way to the front, enjoied a few brewskis, and most definitely enjoied the show!
Several special guests were there jammin' like Heltah Skeltah/Sean P and Buckshot, HOLLA!

Honestly that day n' night couldn't have been any better! So many good times!

So after the show I had to leave. I took the path back to Hobo and I was stopped by this dude named Johnny who happens to work at SOBs. I fuckin' love that venue as well! Which is literally right next to Kayt's apt haha. I swear this world is mad small even tho it's truely huge. He was mad nice and gave me his business card to keep in touch.

It was about 3am and I had work at 6, so I thought. Yea that's right, I show up to work at 6am running on no sleep and no one's there. I'm so sick of Metroparks scheduling. My boss does NOT know how to schedule and if something changes he doesn't call or have the decensey to leave a voicemail if he does call and I don't answer. I can run that place better for real. I'm always there on time waiting for my boss and others to arrive.. really? That's unheard of. Turned out I didn't have to be there until 7, but I was hold the day previous 6am? That place is lacking communication and that's key motherfuckers.

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