Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MMC x Full Bleed Recap

Unfortunately, my ass was working all weekend so I missed the money cup, but word on the streets is everyone showed up doing their thing. Torey Pudwill winning best trick on Saturday's contest was full of combination tricks, but it was his kickflip backside lipslide to backside tailslide on the pyramid ledges that sealed the deal, GNAR! Top qualifier being P-Rod and Chris fuckin Cole winning the Money Cup 2 year's in a row, dang! NY grabbed 45 of the best skaters and cut them down to a 12 man finale

I hit up the MMC x Full Bleed closing party at the Gallery Bar on Orchard in NYC. Shit was so viben! Vice releasing their 305 page hardcover book called "Full Bleed" is based on photography documenting NYC skateboarding. Das and I were given the book by Dustin Dollin, but because it's Das haha, he's definitely going to keep the book and I'll fish out $35 at DQM to own my own! Partied with TK, met up with others, and saw Tim O'Connor riding Jersey City at the spot. Overall caption--- WILD

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