Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#shredfest SHINDIG

So yesterday I decided to finally give in, and make myself a twitter. I'm still a newb at it, but I'm going to use it for more personal status.

TODAY was one of the greatest days! I woke up to texts, which I like, and looked outside my window only to see a white covering of what I like most, SNOW! It was so beautiful I was racing with all sorts of emotions inside and drew the hardest smile. I knew I had to go riding! At first it didn't seem like that was going to happen, which I started bummin' sitting in my bed, listening to DJ Shadow, and drawing, but it all came together thanks to Matt and Brad. We got up there at 11:45pm and rode South, of course, for a good amount of the day basically. Jon texted me and I told him to get his ass up there and ride with me! I thought he was full of it, but he came and it only got better from there. Met up with Kevin, Ant, Beez, and we all took a run until everyone decided they were pooped, but I wasn't havin' that! I didn't wanna leave at all so Jon offered to take me home later and said his friend Matt and Nick were coming up as well. We said our adios, rode some, then went inside the lodge and ate some followed by a few brews. I had a few chicken tenders that tasted like burnt, fries that were soggy, and a hotdog that was alright. Lately I've been on a weiner binge. It's weird, I never used to be a fan of hotdogs, but I'm diggin' it! Matt and Nick finally came, so we headed out onto South and Bear and later took the middle lift to North and killed it over there. I don't like those lift chairs at middle... the two seater and it's like a 10 minute ride. It's all gravy tho! After some non stop nonsense on the mountain, we decided to head into Hex bar where we ate some more, drank some more, and after rode some more until that clock hit 9! :(

I've said this before, writing about your adventures are never as good as being there to experience the adventure unless you have a camera/video to capture your moments, which is never the case! Good times 10

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