Friday, February 12, 2010


This morning on my way to work, while on the bus, my phone decided it give out on me! fijghgjkfhg I've had that cell for years, never had an upgrade! It was the original White Chocolate, I loved that phone! It's been through so much, literally, played music, and had the word chocolate as its model name! I'm a gay! So anyways, tomorrow I'm buying myself a Blackberry Tour, which is a very nice phone, pretty much has everything you want in it, and I can use it for traveling to where ever when ever! har har I really wanna go on a mini trip come spring time and summer. Of course I can always go to Greece, but I wanna go somewhere I haven't been too, not necessarily overseas. I love winter, not gonna lie, but I can't wait for flowers to start blossoming, warmth of the sun hitting my skin, the beach, wearing cute dresses, all the beauties basically in each season!

Today was a pretty lovely day out! Temperature wise and all. I didn't get to enjoy it tho because I was too busy working at a jam packed mall from 9am-530p rearranging the store, making it look more presentable, displaying new awesome merchandise we got in, especially from Obey, had to get things situated for our mini V.I.P party that ends in an hour, it was nutty, but I enjoy it! SICK, I know!! I had to change mannequins too, which I haven't done in so long! I almost feel naughty for undressing them, fondling their parts, then redressing them hahah. This really cool guy came into my store looking for gifts to get his woman for Valentine's Day. He said his lady used to collect Kid Robot, but hasn't been into it for a while and was debating whether or not to purchase an entire box set of the new released "fatale serie" Kid Robot Dunnies. Obviously me being a huge robothead I hyped it up and he gave in. I was so jealous, it was ridiculous. :( so jelly!

This week is contemporary street wear fashion week! Tonight at a boutique called Atmos, fashion night will take place at this dope shop I've been to many times. There'll be a bunch of event this week leading up to the huge fashion show at Affinia Hotel Ballroom in NYC. PARTY TIME!

** the intro to the Winter Olympics was pretty dope, SNOWBOARDING holla!
Shaun White for men - Gretchen Bleiler for women! Those are who I want to take gold!

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